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Interesting points
  • Croatia’s national flows is the iris. Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow. According to the myth, the goddess kept tracing the rainbow across the sky, and wherever the rainbow touched the ground a flower, iris, would spring up, each time in a different colour. The Croatian name of the flower, perunika, owes its name to the old Slavic God Perun, the god of thunder and lightning: an iris would sprout wherever a lighting struck the ground.
  • One of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world is to be found in Croatia, in the town of Pula.
  • The small town of Hum in Istria with its only 17 inhabitants holds the Guinness record of the smallest town in the world.
  • Do you know that the “cravat” (tie) originates from Croatia. In 2003, the longest cravat in the world, long incredible 803 m, was tied around the ancient arena/amphitheatre in Pula.
  • The zeppelin or the dirigible was patented by the Croatian inventor David Schwartz. Count Ferdinand Zeppelin acquired the design from Schwartz’s widow, and redesigned it.
  • The Dalmatian, the white dog with many black spots, known from the “101 Dalmatians” movie and cartoon, owes its name to the Croatian region of Dalmatia, from where it originates.
  • The so far highest recorded velocity of the bora, a wind in Croatia, which can blow with hurricane force for several days, amounts to the incredible 304 km per hour.
  • Did you know that Croatia is the home of Marco Polo, the global traveller and travel writer? The best know record of his adventures, which lasted no less than 24 years, is his account of his travels in China.
  • Buy a lottery ticket (more modest people can just express a wish), come to Croata, more precisely to Nin, touch the bronze big toe of Bishop Gregory of Nin and, in local credence, your luck and your happiness will be guaranteed. Take a crack at it!
  • Do you want to attend a somewhat different Miss competition? Come to Istria, Svetvinčenat, to the Cheese Festival and the Miss Goat competition. Its is organized in a many and seven categories for the most likeable, most attractive, having the longest horns... and the runners- up are also selected. There is also a competition in milking goats... but, to cut a long story short, come and see it!