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Plitvice Lakes

The world has always known many masters and artists that left us works of magnificent beauty we still admire.

But, do you know who is the greatest master and artist that has been creating his matchless work for centuries and offering it to us to enjoy its beauty? That artist is nature, and the Plitvice Lakes are one of his works.

Add another attraction to your Istrian vacation and join us on a day coach tour to the Plitvice Lakes, considered to be one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, inserted on the UNESCO human heritage list.

Every visit is a new experience, a new discovery of the play of nature and water and streams along the sixteen lakes  connected by cascades and waterfalls. Explore the beauty of the lakes, walk along the footpaths, take a ride on the electric train or boat and buy a souvenir to remember the visit.

In order to enhance your experience, taste the traditional dishes of the Lika region in a local restaurant. Join us and find out why the Plitvice Lakes have received such media coverage as a natural jewel to be seen at least once in your lifetime.