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General information

Useful tips and suggestions

On the day of your arrival the accommodation you have booked is available from 3 pm, and the usual time for taking over the accommodation is between 4 pm and 8 pm. In case of an early arrival it is possible that the accommodation will not yet be ready for taking over. If your arrival, for whatever reason, is to be expected in late evening or at night, please report this delay to the ISTRALINE office at the telephone number which you will be given on your booking confimation.
On the day of your arrival you will be asked to briefly hand over your passports or ID cards to the ISTRALINE employee, so they can register the guest, which is required by law.

Please note that it is prohibited to exceed the maximum number of persons that is listed in the booked accommodation description. The only exceptions to this rule are children under two years of age, and in that case please notify us in time of a possible need of a crib (additional payment).

It is prohibited to set up tents, caravans, campers etc. on the premises or yard of the booked accommodation unit.

On the day of departure, the accommodation should be left in good condition no later than 10 am, so it can be properly cleaned and prepared for the arrival of new guests. If you are leaving early in the morning, please notify the landlord or the ISTRALINE office.

The price calculation on this web site refers to the rent of an accommodation unit for the number of days you entered in your search criteria. The displayed prices, along with the rental price of the accommodation unit, includes the following expenses: standard electricity consumption, heating in the winter period and air-conditioning in the summer period (if available), water consumption, natural gas consumption (if available), final cleaning, linen, bathroom towels and residence tax. All other possible services such as phone calls or renting bicycles are to be paid to the landlord.

The minimum length of stay is 4 nights. If the length of stay is shorter than the minimum, the price will be increased by 30%.

For some accommodation units there’s a compulsory deposit to be paid on arrival. The deposit will be returned on the departure day after the accommodation has been checked for damage or breakages.
The building dimensions listed in our descriptions in sqm always refer to exterior building dimensions, so bear in mind that the interior dimensions are usually up to 15% smaller. All accommodation units that we offer are fully equipped with: kitchen or kitchenette with stove (oven only if listed in the description), refrigerator, dishes and kitchen utensils for expected number of guests and pots and pans. Electrical appliances such as mixers and toasters are usually not available unless the description says otherwise. On the other hand, in every apartment in our offer there’s a filter coffee machine.

All of the accommodation are equipped with pillows, blankets, linen and bathroom towels. Linen and towels (two towels per person) will be changed once a week. In case you are allergic, we suggest that you take your own quilt and while booking accommodation be sure to book one that does not allow pets.

Dish cloths, table-cloths, cleaning agents, kitchen sponges, napkins and toilet paper are not part of accommodation equipment, however, upon arrival there will certainly be one role of toilet paper in the toilet. If the air conditioner is listed in the accommodation description, it is usually placed in the living room. Garden furniture usually implies plastic table and chairs, while deck chairs as a rule are not a part of standard garden furniture.

As a rule, single beds are 70 – 90 cm wide and 180 – 200 cm long, while the so-called French beds are of the same length, but 140 – 160 wide. When accommodation with a spare bed in the living room is concerned, it is usually a pull-out couch. In case of any inadequacy considering accommodation please report them to the ISTRALINE office immediately.

SATELLITE TV: satellite dish is usually adjusted to receive foreign TV channels. Any additional adjustments, as well as the related expenses, are to be arranged with the landlord and possible adjusting expenses will be charged to the guest.

INTERNET: if the accommodation has internet access, it is mostly a wi-fi (wireless broadband) connection and it is included in the price.

By Croatian law, every non-Croatian citizen, during his stay in the Republic of Croatia is obliged to pay a specified daily fee – tourist (resident) tax to the tourist board of the place they will be staying in. The tourist (resident) tax is included in our prices.

The deposit can be paid only cash (as mentioned on your booking confirmation). It is necessary to pay the deposit otherwise you will not receive your key. The deposit is a security retainer and will be refunded in cash upon proper return of the rental property.

The distances specified in our descriptions stand for the distances from the accommodation as the crow flies, which means that the beach and the nearest grocery shop may actually be a bit farther than the specified distances.

Regarding the accommodation we offer, it is specifically noted whether a certain accommodation allows pets or not. If you are taking a pet with you (2 at most) please report that when booking (the breed and size). For a pet, there is a fee to be paid on the spot to the landlord and it is usually 8,00- 15,00 € per pet daily.

By Croatian law, the possible visits to the accommodation have to be duly announced to the landlord. Bear in mind that the landlord has the right to banish from his property all persons that are not properly registered.

Special requests submitted by the guests, such as a particular number of the apartment, two apartments next to each other etc. will be taken into consideration and on our behalf a strong effort will go into granting them. However, if those requests are not granted, ISTRALINE cannot be held responsible and those will not be considered as a part of the contract.

We emphasize that only the descriptions and data stated on this web site can be considered as part of the contract. Information obtained verbally, for which there is no written confirmation are not considered to be legally binding and are not part of the contract.

While planning your travel to Croatia, please visit the official Croatian National Tourist Board web site ( www.croatia.hr) where you can find numerous useful advice and information which can significantly help you in planning your travel to the Republic of Croatia.