12. 3. 2024.

Vacation with pets

Are you planning a vacation but can't imagine it without the company of your pets? Take them with you, create wonderful memories, and spend a peaceful and carefree vacation.

Below we bring you some tips that will make it easier for you to plan your vacation, as well as several conditions and rules that must be followed before your arrival, during your trip, or your stay in the destination of your chosen vacation.


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22. 2. 2024.

Discover Poreč

Poreč is a city located on the Istrian peninsula, and has been one of the favorite destinations of travelers from all over the world for years. All this is due to its natural beauty, rich history and accessible and friendly hosts. The rich old town core has preserved numerous cultural monuments, which can be visited today and you can go back in history and discover many interesting stories.

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21. 3. 2023.

Discover Istria

Istria is a region where everyone will find something for themselves, whether they decide to relax on the beach or take an active vacation while discovering new experiences. There are many places and cities waiting for you to visit them and be enchanted by their beauty.


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