Vacation with pets
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  • 12. 3. 2024.

Vacation with pets

Are you planning a vacation but can't imagine it without the company of your pets? Take them with you, create wonderful memories, and spend a peaceful and carefree vacation.

Below we bring you some tips that will make it easier for you to plan your vacation, as well as several conditions and rules that must be followed before your arrival, during your trip, or your stay in the destination of your chosen vacation.


Before going on a vacation

Before leaving for your desired vacation, be sure that your pet is ready for a long journey. Always keep in mind that journeys can take much longer than the allotted time. Information on how many rest areas are close to your destination, and whether pets are allowed at all of them, can be very useful.

In order for your vacation to pass carefree, preparations before the trip are extremely important. These preparations include the necessary documentation for pets, and what conditions must be met before entering the country you are traveling to. Make sure that all the information you check comes from reliable sources and that it is updated regularly.

The basic conditions are that the pet must be microchipped or tattooed, and that it must have a valid pet passport. It contains a description and details of the pet, including a microchip or tattoo code, information on rabies vaccination history, contact information for the owner and the issuing veterinarian.

You can find more information on the entry of pets into Croatia on the website of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Selection of accommodation

Pets are allowed in many accommodation units, and you can find all pet friendly facilities  at our website. In some facilities, the stay of pets is charged additionally, and there are eventual exceptions and rules regarding their stay. You can additionally contact us if you need information that you cannot find in the description of the object.


Travel to the desired destination

Trips can sometimes last longer than expected, especially if it is a trip in the summer months, where traffic jams are almost inevitable.

Your pets may not be the happiest at this turn of events, but there are a few things you can do to make their journey easier. During the trip, make sure that your pet is in a safe place in the car, and that it is fastened with a seat belt if necessary. To make the trip feel like home, bring his favorite blanket and toy, enough food and drink for the trip, as well as excrement bags and a leash.

The advice is that the pet has a tag with information about the owner, so that the pet does not get lost or goes on adventures that are not part of the vacation.


Vacation destination

After coming on vacation, your pet also looks forward to going to the beach and swimming in the sea. To make sure that the beach you have chosen is the right choice for you and your pets, you can check which  pet friendly beaches are available .

Before going on a trip, check where the veterinary services are located in the destination, how much the approximate costs of the veterinary services are, write down all the important phone numbers in case of emergency, bring the medicines used by your pet.

During your stay in the accommodation facility, take care that it is clean and tidy, respect the rules about (not) allowing pets into the pool. You can always contact us and check whether the garden is fully fenced. After arriving at the facility, you can check all the information and rules with the host, so that there are no misunderstandings and that your vacation is completely peaceful and restful.

We hope that we have made it at least a little easier for you to plan your vacation and that the information was useful to you.

Now all you have to do is enjoy and have a real vacation.


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