28. 3. 2023.


Spend the day exploring Istria and its towns that will surely remain in your fond memories. Various combinations of cities are possible, of which we describe only a few in brief, and you choose which of them you want to visit.

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12. 3. 2024.


More and more people decide to spend part of their vacation in nature, engaging in sports activities, hiking or cycling. Istria is one of the most ideal destinations precisely because of the number of well-maintained trails, which stretch across the entire peninsula. One of the most attractive trails is Parenzana. The former railway that connected three states is now arranged as a pedestrian and bicycle path. It was active  from 1902. to 1935., between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

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16. 3. 2023.


Venice is a city of canals and bridges, gondolas, gold, beautiful churches and squares, a city of lovers and romantics, art and artists, architecture and carnivals, the story has no end in sight. It is a city that you cannot miss to visit  while on vacation in Istria. After only about two hours of catamaran sailing from Poreč to Venice, you will have the opportunity to see everything that this city has preserved over the centuries. Do not miss this opportunity to visit the most beautiful city in the world, and book a full-day trip through our reception.

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